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Jillian Cauley


Jillian is a newer midwife who was a 7+ year critical care nurse brought to midwifery after the empowering experience of birthing her son at home 9 years ago.  


She has worked in both out of hospital and in hospital midwifery practices, is a strong believer of reproductive justice, diversity in midwifery and LGBTQ+ rights and access to healthcare.  She is interested in continuing her formal education but hasn't decided which route to take.  


When she's not working, she paints and snuggles with her deaf dog.  


Jillian Cauley, CNM

Northern California Representative for CNMA


Sutter Health

1580 Valencia Street

Suite 802

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 750-7050

(415) 369-1389 fax

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