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Midwifery Workforce Development and Education Support Committee

CNMA is starting a new committee that will focus on building and diversifying the CNM workforce in California, including strategizing to increase the number of clinical placement sites and preceptors in California, establishing and maintaining two-way communication between midwifery programs that have student nurse-midwives in California and the CNMA Board of Directors, and fostering and supporting student mentoring programs. They will work alongside the Student Representatives to the CNMA Board of Directors.


Ideal candidates include any of the following:

  • Lead and Chief Midwives from practices throughout the state 

  • At least one representative from each midwifery program that has student midwives in California

  • Midwives who are passionate about supporting students and educators

  • Midwives who are passionate about mentoring 

  • Midwives who are passionate about scaling up midwifery in California

Please contact Co-Chairs Melanie Phipps at and/or Kim Dau at with your interest!

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