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Continuing Education

Education, Trainings, and Webinars

Virtual Abortion Training

March 2, 2024 (4 CEs)

$100 USD

This workshop will cover everything you need to provide options counseling, medication abortion, and telehealth abortion, as well as values clarification. 

This training meets all of the requirements under SB 1375, allowing nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners to independently provide first-trimester medication abortion care. 

At the end of the training you’ll be ready to implement what you've learned into your practice immediately with template policies and procedures, standardized procedures, competency validation documents, and patient handouts. People in California NEED trained abortion providers--Please answer the call! Register on our Events Page

Birthing Beyond the Binary 

Jan 28 - April 14, 2024 (80 hours training, 40 CEs)

12 weeks 


This 12-week course expands on the definition of reproductive justice to include queer, trans and non-binary folx and the intersections of race, disability, ageism, decoloniality and more. 

It is a radical invitation to slow down, learn, unlearn and plan for intentional and consistent changes in your practice. 

The course is a mix of live courses and self paced modules. Each module consists of videos, reading materials, assignments and exploratory journal prompts. The assignments are personally reviewed by king yaa and they push you to be actionable in your thinking. 

Each participant is encouraged to connect with an accountability partner(s) for further exploration of each topic, should they choose. 

By the end of this course, you will have concrete steps on how to center Queer Reproductive Justice in your life and practice.

Cost $749 USD

payment plans available

registration link

Queering Up Reproductive Spaces

2 day workshop (18 hours, 9 CEs)


Are you ready to move beyond performative gestures and embrace a justice-informed approach to caring for marginalized communities at the intersections of identity? king yaa, also known as queer birthworker, has developed a 2 day intensive certification training for midwives, nurses, physicians, social workers, mental health providers, childbirth professionals, social support providers, and anyone interested in reproductive health and reproductive justice for all people. Designed for white, cishet women in mind, as it touches on multiple systems of oppression, but is relevant for all who may be unaware of what their blank spots are in caring for all people in reproductive spaces.


Part 1: queering within the customary reproductive birth spaces: 

  • Internalized Biases

  • Inclusive language

  • Reproductive Rights vs Reproductive Justice

  • Intersectionality

  • Barriers to Competent & Safe Health Care


Part 2: queering beyond - hidden corners of reproductive justice: 

  • The <<Spaces>> in Reproductive Justice

  • Queer Reproductive Justice

  • Trans Inclusive Reproductive Health

  • Queering Reproduction

  • Trans Inclusion in Fertility

  • Further Livelihood Discrimination

  • Collective Liberation


Cost $400 USD



Feb 9 & 10, 8 am - 5 pm PST  

registration link -

May 7 & 8, 8 am - 5 pm PST   

registration link -

PSI 2-Day Components of Care and Advanced Training

Postpartum Support International has developed an internationally recognized unique evidence-based training program for health providers and social support networks. We have created an expert corps of experienced trainers and are committed to providing you with the most current research. The 2-day PSI Certificate of Completion Course, taught by experienced and engaging faculty, is a thorough and evidence-based curriculum designed for nurses, physicians, social workers, mental health providers, childbirth professionals, social support providers, or anyone interested in learning skills and knowledge for assessment and treatment of perinatal mood disorders. Registration includes training binder, handouts, and continuing education credits. Approved for CMEs, CNEs, and CEs. Register for online trainings below:

Transforming White Privilege

Transforming White Privilege on the Path to Racial Equity in Maternity Care is a workshop series on Zoom for self-identifying white midwives. We invite you to explore with us our understanding of white privilege, racism, and anti-blackness. We will examine the history of race and racism and the culture of white supremacy and white fragility, as we learn to interrupt the harmful effects of racism. Engaging with readings, videos, exercises, personal stories and restorative practices, we will build a supportive, healing community while we cultivate the skills needed to show up together as white midwives and birth workers to do the work of dismantling racism in maternity care. To register, please email a paragraph expressing your interest and motivation for taking the course to our facilitators at We ask that you plan to attend all of the sessions and do the assigned videos and readings for each class. This class has been created especially for white midwives and birth workers. Please share if you have any special concerns or recommendations.  Cost: $250-500 (sliding scale–and a reduced fee will be considered in cases of financial hardship). A portion of the proceeds will go to Neighbors for Racial Justice, and the remainder will support other Bay Area BIPOC-led organizations on the front lines of this work.


7th Edition of the TEACH Abortion Training Curriculum

The 7th Edition of the TEACH Abortion Training Curriculum is now available for free or donation on the TEACH website. This curriculum is the result of the collective work of many people. We are deeply grateful for every contribution. Every individual that shared their comments and critiques shaped and transformed this curriculum into the version we present to you today. In this Edition, we have focused on:

  • Integrating reproductive justice principles throughout the chapters and exercises

  • Exercises and tools to guide trainers and learners on self-reflection of their identities and how these many impact the learning climate, patient care, and clinical environment

  • Telemedicine MAB implementation, evidence, and processes

  • Self-managed abortion, particularly self-managed medication abortion

  • Updates on pain management for people who use opioids

  • Updates on pregnancy of unknown location

  • Updates on new contraception options

  • Policy and legal considerations for a changing landscape

Comprehensive Newborn Care Guide for Midwives

The Comprehensive Newborn Assessment Course for Midwives will walk you through the physical examination from head to toe. You’ll learn how much we can discover just by looking at a baby. We will talk about common client educational topics and routine newborn screenings, as well as the business side of newborn care like policies, billing, and consents.With lifetime access to over 20 hours of content and resources, whether you are a newer midwife or well seasoned in your services, this course is the perfect educational opportunity for you to keep newborn babies healthy in the days and weeks after they are born! Register here.

COVID Care Tips for Midwives

This course contains over 5hrs of videos, content, policies, guidelines, and resources to care for mothers and babies in your midwifery practice. We have two amazing instructors that joined forces to make this course available to everyone: Rhanishia Smith, FNP & Dr. Jill Chasse, PhD, DrPH, IMD, MSpsy, CCTS-P. Register here.

AWHONN Respectful Maternity Care: 

Free for members, the new Respectful Maternity Care Framework and Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline, is a first-of-its kind resource on respectful nursing care from AWHONN. Respectful maternity care is a critical element needed to improve the quality of care and reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. New resources and a complete toolkit are available now!

Trauma-Informed Care: 

AABC has partnered with the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs to offer members a valuable new benefit - FREE lifetime access to two of their online courses on trauma-informed care. The Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs specializes in creating educational programs about healing our earliest traumas, especially for mothers and babies.

The Midwife as Surgical First Assistant

This workshop’s focus is on applying current evidence so midwives can participate and provide continuity of care for clients during a cesarean section. In this course, you will learn core knowledge and skills needed to perform as the surgical first assistant for cesarean, at a novice level. This course is designed specifically for midwives and addresses promotion of vaginal birth, shared decision-making and informed consent, and functioning as an active member of the perioperative team. Following the workshop, each participant is responsible to set up mentored experience at their clinical setting to gain competency in the skills needed to function efficiently, effectively, and with greater confidence as a member of the perioperative maternity care team. ACNM Members $699.00  |  Non-Member  $899.00 |  Student  $399.00 |  Student Non-Member $599.00. Dates available June through December 2022. Learn more and register.

Antenatal Corticosteroids: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown

In the February 2022 Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Special Statement, the seven days preceding preterm delivery were noted to be the optimal window for steroid administration. Steroids had the most prominent, life-saving effects on the mother and baby when used during this critical period. This free webinar aims to review fetal lung development and how the timing of antenatal corticosteroids may help or harm neonatal lives when administered for this purpose. Dr. Ruma will guide the audience through historical contributions to this important topic, delve into recently published clinical studies, and discuss current recommendations and controversies. Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 11 AM PST. Register here

Perinatal Potpourri 2023 Advances in Care

The Mid-Coastal California Perinatal Outreach Program asks you to save the dates: March 21 & 22, 2024. Join your national & international colleagues for the Annual Perinatal Potpourri 2024 Advances in Care. This webinar-based CME/continuing education conference will provide current up-to-date advances in maternal, fetal and neonatal medicine. The nationally recognized faculty will present a variety of topics through lectures, panel presentations and case-based discussions.

Partners in Practice: Uncovering Solutions and Strategies for Staffing and Reproductive Justice

Participants will gain a better understanding of the AWHONN Staffing Standards and implementation strategies through case-based presentations and small group discussions. Learning about reproductive justice with a respectful maternity care lens will engage participants in approaches to improve pregnancy outcomes. Implementation strategies and the principles of respectful care will cross the perinatal and neonatal care settings. Online, January 26, 2023, 6:30 AM - 2 PM PST. 6.5 CEUs/$99. Register here.

Intermittent Auscultation Simulation-Based Education, V2

Intermittent auscultation (IA) promotes freedom of movement and is an evidence-based standard of care for fetal assessment during low-risk labor and childbirth. This activity was developed by the Institute for Perinatal Quality Improvement (PQI) to ensure nurses have access to essential resources to support the moms and babies in their care. The Interactive Simulation-Based Education, v2, from PQI provides nurses with interactive and evidence-based training giving them the education they need to perform and interpret IA confidently. 1 CEU, online educational program available through 5/20/24. Learn more and register here.

Labor Support for Intended Vaginal Birth

This Guideline provides evidence-based clinical practice recommendations to support individualized labor based on the best available evidence. The goal is to promote safe vaginal birth with limited medical interventions. Labor support strategies should be provided from admission through birth and should be used to complement the labor process for people who choose to use pharmacologic agents for pain management. This Guideline provides evidence-based approaches to accomplish the following: empower people in labor to achieve their wishes using a shared decision-making model; provide labor support strategies to incorporate into standardized care practices; minimize technological interventions during labor; and decrease cesarean birth. Learn more and purchase the program here.

CNMA Annual Meeting 

This year’s annual meeting will be held at the iconic Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo on Sunday, November 6, 2022, 7:30 am - 5:30pm. Both in person and virtual options available. 

Current topics include Advanced Practice Nurses in Abortion Care, Environmental influences on the developing fetus, Outpatient Induction, and Maneuvers for Vaginal Breech delivery. 

  • 8 CEs provided

  • Breakfast and Lunch provided

  • Evening dance party!

  • Vaccinated hugs!

Come join us, vaccinated and masked, for a day of camaraderie, learning, and being together

in solidarity as we learn, network and grow as providers. Visit for registration and more information about the meeting. And…Print and post the Annual Meeting Flier HERE

CNMA Abortion Workshop

Join us on Saturday, November 5, 2022 (the day before our Annual Meeting) for a two part abortion workshop. We’ll cover everything you need to provide medication abortion, manual vacuum aspiration abortion, and telehealth abortion.  At the end of this course, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to get started -- including template policies and procedures, competency validation documents, and patient handouts. These trainings meet all of the requirements under SB 1375, allowing nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners to provide first-trimester manual vacuum aspiration abortion care independently in California. People in California NEED trained abortion providers--Please answer the call! 

Part 1: Saturday, November 5, 2022, 8 AM - 12 PM. This will be an online didactic course that covers values clarification, options counseling, and medication abortion. $100 / 4 CEUs. Limited to the first 60 registrants. Register here for the  ONLINE/ VIRTUAL morning session (SOLD OUT)

Part 2: Saturday, November 5, 2022 8 AM - 12 PM, 1 PM - 5 PM This will be offered in-person at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and will cover manual vacuum aspiration. $100 / 4 CEUs. Limited to the first 40 registrants. We respectfully ask that the in-person portion of training be limited to people who are fully vaccinated. Register here for the IN PERSON afternoons Aspiration training


This year’s annual meeting will be held at the iconic Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo on Sunday, November 6, 2022, 7:30 am - 5:30pm. Both in person and virtual options available. Our lineup of speakers and topic 


Ana Delgado, CNM, MS: Using Quality Improvement to Advance Health Equity

Rixa Freeze, PhD: Maneuvers for Vaginal Breech Delivery

Tanya Khemet-Taiwo, MPH, LM, PhD: Environmental Influences on the Developing Fetus

Paris Maloof-Bury, CNM, IBCLC: The Marginalization of Black Midwives in America


Come join us, vaccinated and masked, for a day of camaraderie, learning, and being together

in solidarity as we learn, network and grow as providers. Visit for registration and more information about the meeting. And…Print and post the Annual Meeting Flier HERE! Discounted registration for CNMA members, and non-members who register for the annual meeting will receive a discount code to join CNMA! Come for the 8 CEUs. Stay for the vaccinated HUGS and evening dance party!

Using Behavior Science to Increase Vaccination Rates

Human beings are hardwired to identify threats—it’s just how our brains work to keep us safe from danger. In a world where misinformation is commonplace and where deliberate disinformation campaigns are on the rise, it can be very difficult for people to discern a true threat from important information for their health and well-being. This presentation will examine how neuroscience factors into behavior and how effective messaging to help empower people to make informed decisions regarding their health. Using the new ACNM maternal vaccination campaign as an example, we will explore effective techniques based on behavior change neuroscience for midwives to learn effective strategies in improving vaccine update among patients. Thursday, November 3, 2022 | 4 - 5 PM PST | 1 CE. This webinar is FREE and open to ALL! Learn more and register here.


Join leading Medicaid experts for a discussion about key results and trends in the 2022 Medicaid Managed Care Organization Survey and what they mean for health plans, enrollees, policymakers, and administrators. Join us to hear Medicaid experts’ reactions to the findings, and discover how Medicaid health plans and state Medicaid agencies can use IMI’s findings. Friday, November 4, 2022, 11 AM - 12 PM PST.  Register Here

Psychological Wounds: Mental Health Nursing Care of America’s Veterans

Learn how veterans navigate the world of mental health care and how nurses can help. 1 CEU. Join the American Nurses Association/California for this enlightening discussion diving deeper into the mental health of California's veterans. California is home to over 1.8 million former service members - one of the largest veteran populations in the United States. As nurses, it is important to understand how and what resources and services veterans and their families are using and how the nursing profession can improve policies that increase access to care. November 9, 10 AM - 11 AM PST. Learn more and register here.

Respectful Care for LGBTQIA+ Community

Offering respectful, neutral, compassionate care to the LGBTQIA+ community is essential. Learn the current terminology and common scripting that can empower healthcare professionals to care for these families at the bedside, including care for transgender patients. November 9, 10 AM - 11 AM PST. 1 NCPD. Learn more and register here

Sexuality: Creating A Safe Space for our Patients

Patients who have a history of ongoing pelvic pain, dyspareunia, vaginismus, or have experienced some degree of sexual trauma are often disassociated from their bodies. They come into appointments often emotionally afraid, physically guarded and potentially resistant to internal exams. This webinar will explore ways to decrease patient anxiety and provide ways midwives can help patients be present in their bodies. It will also give participants some tools in helping patients navigate sexual challenges in general. Wednesday, November 9, 2022 | 4 - 5 PM PST | 1 CE Learn more and register here. 

AWHONN Abortion Access Advocacy Townhall

Join Seth Chase, AWHONN's Government Affairs Director, and Elizabeth Kester, Director on AWHONN's Board of Directors, at this FREE town hall where participants learn how to advocate for abortion access in their states. November 14, 2022, 10 AM. Register here. The event will be recorded and available on-demand for those who cannot attend.

Holistic Perinatal Care with Safe, Gentle, and Supportive Herbs

Are you looking for positive, sustainable changes to your health toward healthy pregnancy and perinatal care, yet are struggling with reaching these goals? Not actualizing your fullest potential as a woman or resolving chronic hormonal imbalances can feel painful. Give yourself the gift of joining Whitney Erwin, MSc, MEd, LMT for a group facilitation on holistic perinatal care with safe, gentle and supportive herbs to receive the supportive structure of a safe, compassionate circle to share, learn and grow together on the path toward actualizing optimal health. We'll discuss clinical hormone balancing herbs, nutrition, recipes, community resources and more with plenty of time for everyone to share and listen to each other in the group.November 16 at 10 AM PST. Webinar Wednesday is a FREE benefit of AABC Membership. Guests may attend for a fee ($45). Registration is required. Can’t attend live? Register anyway and we'll email you the recording after the session. You'll also find the recording in our on-demand library, along with our other past webinars. Learn more and register for Webinar Wednesday

Intrapartum Guidelines for Midwives with Tanya Owens

Intrapartum clinical practice guidelines for midwives can improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Such improvements, however, often relate to the level of rigor in guideline development, to assure quality and utilize the most recent and best evidence. This presentation will explore the process of appraising guidelines and guideline development. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 | 4 - 5 PM PST | 1 CE Learn more and register

The Next Step in California's Quality Improvement Journey: Integrating Midwives, Doulas, & Community-Based Birth Care. 

Join CMQCC for their upcoming webinar The Next Step in California's Quality Improvement Journey: Integrating Midwives, Doulas, & Community-Based Birth Care. Objectives:

  1. Describe team-based care and its potential for improving patient experience and birth outcomes 

  2. Explain the benefit of integrating midwives and doulas as necessary components of pregnancy and birth care (and the strategies to accomplish this)

  3. Describe the value of community birth and how to promote safe, respectful transfer 

Save the date: November 30th from 12-1:30 PM PST.  A registration link will be available soon at

IMI Community-Based Doulas and Perinatal Health Workers: A National Medicaid Birth Equity Learning Series

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI) and Every Mother Counts (EMC) are launching a national learning series centered on community-based doula care and perinatal community health workers (CHWs). The learning series, developed with support from the Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP), aims to support the creation and strengthening of pathways for Medicaid stakeholders — including Medicaid agencies and health plans, provider groups, and professional associations — to expand access to quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care. The new community-based doula and perinatal CHW learning series will consist of eight (8), free 60-minute web-based learning sessions, beginning December 1, 2022. These sessions will broaden participants’ awareness of community-based doula and perinatal CHW support and provide evidence supporting the benefits, cost-effectiveness, and potential to improve health equity of these services in Medicaid. In addition, the learning series will provide a roadmap for Medicaid stakeholders to explore next steps for implementation of this model within their state, organization, and/or practice setting.  Learn more and register

Respectful Maternity Care Research Study

Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) is a critical element needed to improve the quality of care and reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. AWHONN’s Respectful Maternity Care Program, developed by a team of expert nurse scientists and clinicians, is designed to provide health care professionals in maternity settings with the tools necessary to integrate respectful maternity care into their area of work or influence. We are seeking 10-12 obstetric clinical sites across the country to collaborate with AWHONN on a study including the adoption of the Respectful Maternity Program to measure nurse and patient perceptions of change. Please join us on August 2 at 11 AM PST for an informational session presented by Catherine M. Hill, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC. No nursing contact hours are available for this informational webinar. The webinar will be recorded for those unable to attend. 

Medi-Cal for Midwives, with Tesa Kurin, LM

This weekly series will cover everything you need to know to get started as a Medi-Cal professional: The application process, business requirements, documentation, and more. You will get step by step guides to filling out billing forms for professional services and facility claims, including access to the billing code list most commonly used in Midwifery care and how to bill transfers. You’ll gain  access to templates for LOAs, referrals, letters for clients and more. I'm going to share with you all my "learned the hard way" lessons and how I run my clinic model. I will share how my practice is doing financially with this payment method, what I would do again and what I would change. Need your billing back end set up? We have the perfect solution for you. In less than 24 hours we can set up your back up billing on client care. You will be able to create claims in less than 5 minutes, saving time and money. Every week we will end with a 30 min Q & A session. Every registered practice will receive a 1-hour complimentary private session to discuss your practice needs, concerns, and struggles. Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PST, August 3, 2022 - August 31, 2022. Register here.

Take Ten Steps Up for Breastfeeding

On August 3, 2022 from 8:00 - 9:30 AM, please join the Global Breastfeeding Collective at a webinar about the Ten Steps to Breastfeeding to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. At the event, you will learn about tools and resources to help adopt baby-friendly, evidence-based practices to support breastfeeding in health systems, and be inspired by stories about the Ten Steps in action. Register here.

Enhanced Lactation Support for Small and Nutritionally At-Risk Infants

Immediately following Take Ten Steps Up for Breastfeeding, the MAMI Global Network (Management of small & nutritionally At-risk Infants under six months & their Mothers), and the Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) Core Group will share two more steps you can take to save lives: Enhanced Lactation Support for Small and Nutritionally At Risk infants <6mo: Learn more about the MAMI Care Pathway and 10 Years of Progress: Protecting the Diets of Infants and Young Children in Emergencies. August 3, 2022, 9:30-10:00 AM PST. Register here.

The Time is Now: Ensuring Reproductive Health Access, Justice and Equity Beyond Roe v. Wade

Please join the Los Angeles County Women’s Health Equity Coalition for our summer webinar on sexual and reproductive health, including abortion. The Supreme Court of the United States has reversed 50 years of legal precedent and eliminated the Constitutional right to abortion care. Overnight, millions of people in states hostile to reproductive health services lost access to abortion care and California could see an almost 3,000% increase in people driving to our state to access abortion services. Given that Los Angeles County is a major metropolitan transportation hub, it is highly anticipated that people from across the country will come to Los Angeles to obtain the abortion care and other reproductive health services they will not be able to access in their home states or counties. The time is NOW. We must prepare and ensure that reproductive health care and abortion services in Los Angeles County becomes equitably accessible for all. Register today! Who Should Attend: Reproductive health stakeholders, funders, community-based organizations, advocates, legislative staff, health care providers and other health professionals, and community health workers. Aug 4, 2022 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Register here

Black Women For Wellness Reproductive Justice Conference

Join us from August 5th- August 19th virtually for Black Reproductive Justice Month. There will be a series of workshops, conversations, panels, and in-person events as we explore ways to broaden best practices addressing maternal health, environmental justice, public policy, and reproductive health in the Black community. This year due to a generous sponsorship donation we are able to host the conference for free and all attendees can receive up to 15 CHES credits. Learn more and register here

The 'Perfect' Baby?: The Dangers of Gene Editing in Assisted Reproduction

Gene editing technology like CRISPR may have potential to treat diseases, but does editing future generations go too far? Join renowned bioethicist Françoise Baylis, reproductive justice activist Nourbese Flint, and disability rights scholar and activist Karen Nakamura on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 10am to 11am PT for a conversation about the societal and ethical implications of human gene editing in the context of assisted reproductive technology. This free, online discussion will be moderated by Osagie Obasogie, professor of law and bioethics at UC Berkeley. You'll also hear from Meghna Mukherjee and Nairi Shirinian, the authors of the recently published report, "Engineering for Perfection: The False Promises of Gene Editing in Assisted Reproduction". Register here.

Intrapartum Guidelines for Nurse-Midwives

Intrapartum clinical practice guidelines for midwives can improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. Such improvements, however, often relate to the level of rigor in guideline development, to assure quality and utilize the most recent and best evidence. This presentation will explore the process of appraising guidelines and guideline development. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to: state the importance of clinical guidelines, understand the process of appraising guidelines, and know how to develop a guideline. Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 4-5 PM PST. 1 CE. $14.99 (Students), $24.99 (Members), $29.99 (Student Non-Members), $49.99 (Non-Members). Learn More. Register Here

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy in Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

What is pelvic health physical therapy and how can it help my patients? Pelvic health physical therapy can be beneficial for those patients who have diagnosed dysfunction of the pelvis, but it can also be helpful for individuals without dysfunction or pain, trying to stay active and be informed about their bodies. At the end of this presentation, attendees will have a further understanding of pelvic health physical therapy and the common treatments and benefits for patients; preconception, during pregnancy, and postpartum. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to: describe what pelvic health physical therapy is and why it is important to see a specialist instead of just taking care of it on your own; screen a patient for pelvic floor dysfunction, so that they understand one component of determining when a patient is appropriate for pelvic health physical therapy; describe how pelvic health physical therapy can benefit patients pre-conception, during pregnancy, and postpartum; and understand what a treatment plan looks like for pelvic health physical therapy. Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 4-5 PM PST.  1 CE. $14.99 (Students), $24.99 (Members), $29.99 (Student Non-Members), $49.99 (Non-Members). Learn more. Register here.

Sexuality: Creating A Safe Space for our Patients

Patients who have a history of ongoing pelvic pain, dyspareunia, vaginismus, or have experienced some degree of sexual trauma are often disassociated from their bodies. They come into appointments often emotionally afraid, physically guarded and potentially resistant to internal exams. This webinar will explore ways to decrease patient anxiety and provide ways midwives can help patients be present in their bodies. It will also give participants some tools in helping patients navigate sexual challenges in general. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to: understand the psychosocial profile of a sexual trauma survivor, demonstrate the essential components in creating a "climate of safety" before an internal exam, outline the five stages of emotions and how to work with flashbacks and disassociation, list ways to help sexual trauma survivors be fully present and embodied during an exam, describe common sexual challenges patients experience and ways of navigating these challenges, relate how our own comfort level with the topic of sexuality can impact our effectiveness and ability to create safety for the patient, and explore ways midwives can refresh and re-energize themselves after working with patients with a history of sexual trauma. Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 4-5 PM PST.  1 CE. $14.99 (Students), $24.99 (Members), $29.99 (Student Non-Members), $49.99 (Non-Members). Learn more. Register here

68th ACNM Annual Meeting and Exhibition Call for Abstracts

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Annual Meeting & Exhibition is the premier opportunity for midwives, students, and other women’s health care providers to polish professional and clinical skills. Submissions for general abstracts are now open! Abstracts are invited that demonstrate a link to the theme “Reimagine and Rebuild – Midwifery Insights for the Future of Healthcare.” We welcome submissions that describe innovative approaches to clinical, professional, business, leadership, and education issues in midwifery. Apply by September 7.

Maternal Mental Health Web-Based Certificate Training

Together with Postpartum Support International, 2020 Mom has developed a Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training for Mental Health and Clinical Professionals. Classes kick off on September 12th. Clinicians are invited to this online MMH training course, which includes eight live sessions, small group discussions, supplemental reading materials, 16 continuing education credits (where applicable), and a certificate of completion. All classes are live from 10am-12pm PT, on Mondays. All presentations are recorded and available to registered participants.

Learn more and register.

2022 AABC Birth Institute

Join us in San Diego, California for the 2022 AABC Birth Institute: Birth Centers Rising on the Tides of Change, September 15-18, 2022. The AABC Birth Institute is the gathering place for freestanding birth centers, alongside midwifery units, midwives, doulas, physicians, entrepreneurs, and all others dedicated to expanding equitable, evidence-based care in all communities. This year’s keynote speakers include Kayden X Coleman (AKA Papa Seahorse), Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM, RM (UK), Dr. Heather Clarke DNP, CNM, APRN, LM, FACNM, and  Diana Jolles, PhD CNM, FACNM. This year the AABC Birth Institute offers even more opportunities for networking. This is an opportunity to meet with your peers and discuss important issues you're facing. This year the focus of the meeting is staffing and retention of providers, clinical and non-clinical staff. Learn more here.

ACNM Midwifery Works! Call for Abstracts

ACNM invites you to submit an abstract for Midwifery Works! The Midwifery Works! Meeting will be held at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Henderson, NV, October 6-9, 2022. Midwifery Works! is a major professional development conference produced by ACNM and designed by the Midwifery Business Network. This highly affordable conference is focused on helping midwives acquire and enhance their management skills. This meeting inspires Midwifery professionals to dive deeper into the skills you need for a successful and impactful midwifery career. Click here to submit your session abstract!

Live Webinars: Overactive Bladder – Novel Therapeutics:

Join ACNM on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 4 PM PST for a live webinar on Overactive Bladder, with Dr. Cheryl Iglesia and Alyssa Brown, FNP-C. The webinar will cover the impact of anticholinergic use on cognitive function, the role of newer beta 3 agonists, optimal management of bladder botox injections, and the newest neuromodulation technologies from MRI compatible sacral stimulators to implantable posterior tibial nerve devices. Register $14.99 (Students) | $24.99 (Members) | $29.99 (Student Non-Members) | $49.99 (Non-Members)


Live Webinars: Finding your Path in a Global Career

Join ACNM on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 4 PM PST for a live webinar on Finding your Path in a Global Career, with Sadaf Chaudhry, Jennifer Stevens, and Cris Alonso. Finding your path in a global career, will be your unique guide to your own “unique” path into one of the most rewarding careers in life. Curious about developing a career in Global Health? In this webinar you will hear from three leaders in Global Health who have impacted international, regional and national health. Emerging from three different career paths, academic training and types of jobs you will be inspired on beginning or expanding your path to improving the health of all worldwide. Register $14.99 (Students) | $24.99 (Members) | $29.99 (Student Non-Members) | $49.99 (Non-Members)

Live Webinars: Midwives and Liability: Experience, support, and risk reducing tools.

Join ACNM on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 4 PM PST for a live webinar on Midwives and Liability with Katie Page. Midwives are likely to experience adverse client outcomes that sometimes will result in disciplinary action against their license or litigation. Awareness and understanding about the incidence and outcomes of litigation involving midwives is limited. In 2018, the ACNM Professional Liability Committee conducted the third national survey on midwives and liability. This presentation presents the results of the survey, now published in JMWH, and includes discussion on support strategies for midwives who experience adverse events or disciplinary action, or who are involved in litigation, and secondary trauma which may follow. Register $14.99 (Students) | $24.99 (Members) | $29.99 (Student Non-Members) | $49.99 (Non-Members)

Maternal Mental Health Forum: Registration is now open for 2020 MOM’s 12th annual Maternal Mental Health FORUM -where change agents convene, collaborate, and take in cutting-edge content. Get your early bird ticket for just $45. Learn More. March 23-25, 2022.


67th ACNM Annual Meeting & Exhibition: The midwifery community will reunite for the 67th ACNM Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 22 – 26, 2022, at the Hilton Chicago where attendees will engage with world-class content in clinical, business, leadership, and education issues in midwifery. In this hybrid event, ACNM will provide a safe environment in Chicago along with an interactive virtual experience. Learn more and register here.

Healthcare Burnout Symposium 

During this presentation participants will learn about models, concepts, and competencies that help clinical and non-clinical leaders assess organizational needs, achieve alignment and lead through the changes necessary to meaningfully move the needle from healthcare burnout to well-being. will be a speaker at the 2022 Healthcare Burnout Symposium in San Francisco, January 22 - 24, 2022!  Laura Bennett is a former Navy nurse-midwife who retired from clinical practice when she retired from the Navy to be a midwife to a broader population. She began developing burnout interventions while still on active duty in addition to well-being/resiliency programming for an intensive outpatient mental health program. Learn more and register here.

CNMA Supports the Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth e-Training

It’s a startling fact that, in 2021, Black birthing women are four to six times as likely to die from pregnancy and birth-related causes as other racial and ethnic groups. To help perinatal providers learn more about the implicit biases that are among the key causes of this disparity, CNMA supports using the Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth e-training course. This one-hour, no-cost course – funded by the California Health Care Foundation – also meets the requirements of Senate Bill 464, which mandates that all perinatal providers in California take an evidence-based implicit bias training. Register for the course and learn more here.

Othering & Belonging Institute Summer Fellowship

The Othering & Belonging Institute Summer Fellowship is a paid research experience for individuals seeking to develop their research skills by engaging with the Institute’s multidisciplinary research, analysis, policy, and strategic narrative work. The purpose of the fellowship is to build the capacity and network of the next generation of researchers and community leaders who are committed to social and racial justice by providing mentorship and hands-on experience with social science research. Learn more and apply by January 14, 2022.

Gold Midwifery Online Conference

The GOLD Midwifery Online Conference will take place February 1 - March 31, 2022. GOLD Midwifery 2022 offers 16.5 Hours of continuing education. MEAC Midwifery CEUs (0.1 Equivalent to 1 NARM CEU), ACNM CEUs, ACM CPD Recognized Hours, and CERPs are applied for. Register here.

2020 Mom/PSI

Registration is open for the 2020 Mom/PSI 8 class bi-weekly course in maternal mental health, starting Monday, February 28, 2022. Classes are two hours and prepare clinicians for the PSI board test for the new specialty designation in Perinatal Mental Health. Scholarships are limited to United States applicants only. Read more here.

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